Norwalk Connecticut Intercontinental Hotel

Even in the city of Norwalk, Connecticut, the InterContinental Hotels Group is opening its first hotel in Connecticut in more than 20 years this week.

InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG) today announced plans to open its first hotel in Connecticut in more than 20 years in Norwalk, Connecticut, and announced the opening of its second hotel in Brooklyn, New York. EVEN Hot Hotels has four more hotels in the pipeline, located in Rockville, Maryland, Brooklyn and New York. The pipeline includes a new hotel, the EVEN Hotel Brooklyn at Brooklyn Bridge Park, a two-story hotel at the Brooklyn Botanical Garden and a three-story hotel on the ground floor of a former train station, as well as a four-star hotel and office building in Rockville, Maryland, which is expected to open in the second quarter of 2014. In June 2014, the first hotel opened, in Connecticut.

The EVEN Hotel Brooklyn at Brooklyn Bridge Park, a four star hotel located on the ground floor of a former train station in Brooklyn, New York, will open in the first quarter of 2014.

To book an upcoming stay at Norwalk, please visit for more information about the hotel and to book your upcoming stays at one of its hotels. To book Annie or any other Connecticut or New York City hotel, you can visit the EvenHotel.

You can fill out the contact form or send an e-mail or call the price list at 1 - 888 - 745 - 6555 for more information. The Ralphs, Victoria Ave., Ventura, CA 93003, or you can email us at: EvenHotel @ or fill out the form.

The Burbank property is located on the corner of Oxford and Clifton Dr., in Norcross, Georgia. Brick Lodge Atlanta - Nor Crosroads is located near Nor Cross, a one-bedroom, two-bedroom, bathroom and carpentry hotel in the heart of the city.

Even hotels support travelers "needs with a website, go - a source of travelers" help to travel well wherever they are.

Calmwater Capital Llc was founded in 2010 and is based in San Francisco, CA with offices in New York City and San Diego. WeWork is expanding and there are two companies that have a suitable address in Los Angeles, one in California and the other in Florida.

The mid-sized full-service brand, which focuses on contemporary design and modern amenities, has opened several major properties since 2014, including the Holiday Inn in Manhattan's financial district. The plans were launched in 2014 with the acquisition of LaKota Oaks, which was officially announced by Queens Plaza West LLC.

The affected properties are in New York City, Los Angeles, New Jersey, Connecticut, Florida, Texas and New Mexico. Most significant is the new hotel on the former LaKota Oaks lot in Queens Plaza West, which is scheduled to open in 2017.

The health and leisure activities of EUR (tm) s have not yet been determined. EVEN Hotels opened its first hotel in Norwalk, Connecticut, in June 2014, with four more properties in the pipeline, located in Rockville, Maryland and Brooklyn, New York. Three other EVEN properties are under development in New Jersey, all of which will open by the end of next year. The EVEN brand currently has a total of 12 hotels under development or construction in the United States. In addition to the three other properties expected to open by the end of the year, a third property is also under development on the former LaKota Oaks property in Queens Plaza West in Brooklyn.

Even is part of the portfolio of Atlanta-based InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG), which also includes Marriott International's Starwood Hotel Group and Marriott Vacation Club brands. Key markets for the brand include the US and Canada, as well as Europe, Asia and the Middle East. EVEN appears to be the first of several branded properties to offer similar amenities to Holiday Inn, including a fitness center, spa and fitness facilities and a spa in its hotels. Meanwhile, rivals like Starwood are trying to add wellness amenities to their hotels in the U.S. and Europe.

Even's Hotel Norwalk is located in LaKota Oaks, which is an hour's drive from New Haven, Connecticut, or a drive from Hartford. The norwalk hotel is located at the intersection of State Street and State Avenue in the city center. Even Hotel, the hotel with a fitness centre, wellness and fitness facilities and a spa in the hotel room, is also located on the same street as the nearby hotel. EVEN's Hospitality, "Norwalk Hotel has been located in a former hotel building on State Road, near the corner of State Avenue, for more than 20 years.

The hotel has hosted several events, including the New Haven Convention and Visitors Bureau and the Connecticut State Fair. Even the Norwalk hotel, which features a fitness center, spa and fitness facilities, and in-room spa, is headquartered in LaKota Oaks, Connecticut, about an hour's drive from Hartford and about half a mile from downtown.

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