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The Connecticut Interscholastic Athletics Conference announced Friday that it is canceling full-contact football for the fall sports season. While the CIAC's decision to eliminate football is a tough one for all ages, the news hit the seniors hardest.

Stacey said that while she was worried her son would return to football at 19, she wanted to support him and his teammates. Other students - athletes at Sunday's rally - shared the impact that football had on them. The athletes and coaches took turns at the rally and spoke to express their support for full-contact football this season. They plan to play full-contact 11-on-11 football next year and have gathered to make their case at the CIAC.

We have done everything they have imposed on us, from wearing a mask to doing everything we have done. Polinski said that once they make the uniform change, they can play 11-on-11 football again, and they do so thanks to the support of their teammates.

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Bobrowsky was honored for his 29 years of service and is the longest serving active member of the New Haven Police Department. He went on to play football at Southern Connecticut State College, won six city championships in softball and has been an honorary coach of the city's high school and junior high teams since the late 1960s. I'm going to do everything I can to finish the football I've played, "teammate Sean Polinski said. She went to the University of Connecticut, where she played football for four years, and a few years in college.

Norwalk got just that from Cameron Rice, Chase DePalma and Chase threw a gem in the second game. We worked really hard and I'm really happy for them, "said Chase, who threw four runs with four strikeouts and two walks.

Frank Kingsley scored in the sixth minute to make it 6-1 and Connor DeSalvo had a shot on target for the 6-2 win. Greenwich scored three times in a third inning that ended 7-0 in the second. They scored twice in an eight-inning span to make it 5-4 in their half of the fifth and scored another three in his sixth, making it 6-4, with no outs.

Rice picked up three key outs and was forced back to the mound to close it out, but he forced himself to end the inning with a two-out double in the ninth. He had to reach the minimum in four innings, giving up only seven hits and allowing no runs in two stints. In his second start, he threw five innings in his first career start against Greenwich, giving up only the single hit until the sixth, and allowed only three runs on four hits in seven innings in his two outings.

In 1972 he joined the professional tour and participated in the World Baseball Classic, World Series and World Junior Championships. He has coached 39 athletes representing more than 1,000 professional baseball players from around the world.

Motyka has played his part in the sport as a coach, was a baseball referee in the city and was also a television presenter for a long time. Asked about his favourite games and memories, he replied: "How many hours do you have? 'He's spent 43 years on the radio, 17 of them in Norwalk. One of his best - recalled Norwalker is behind the microphone and one of the most recognizable faces in baseball history.

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