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After a few days and nights in Connecticut, a trip to New York, New Jersey and New Hampshire is not complete without a visit to Connecticut. On Saturday, they headed out for a dog-friendly outing in Rhode Island, with a stop in New Haven, Connecticut for the weekend.

The next stop was our hometown of South Norwalk, Connecticut, so Jack could spend time with his cousin. We took the New Haven Line and arrived in just over an hour, and the day after my nephew and I talked about the trip. The day trip to South Norwalk was short but good - with a visit to the local grocery store and a quick stop at a local cafe.

The advantage of taking the Metro - North to Norwalk is not only saving time on the way, but also avoiding traffic. It is affordable, and it is comfortable and affordable, located right in the heart of the city, making it easy for you to get anywhere you need to go. The EVEN hotels in Hikers are not great accommodations either, with great amenities and a way to forget them.

Norwalk, Bridgeport and New Haven all have something to offer, but especially remember that there's a lot to see and do here. I enjoy visiting the various bars and restaurants, looking at the shops, strolling along the river, etc. How much you enjoy your visit to this wonderful city and How fabulous will it be?

If you don't have a car, any New Yorker can take the Metro North to visit this great city, which is two hours by train from Manhattan. There are many day and weekend excursions in the New York, Hudson Valley and Connecticut area. Some of these locations are close to attractions and state parks, and are even a short drive to New York City. For added convenience, Metro North accepts tix on mobile devices, and they are also available on the Internet.

The Maritime Aquarium also offers several cruises, and this is a great opportunity to jump on one of the seal and bird watching trips that will take you across the Norwalk River to the Norwalk Islands. The Maritime Aquarium also offers various cruises and offers several cruises during the season, including the Sea-to-Sea Cruises and the Seal and Bird Watching Cruise and many other tours.

If you want to add another attraction to your visit to South Connecticut, you must plan to visit it from May or summer. You will also need accommodation to make a visit to the museum part of your extended journey.

If you're looking for something more on the nice and picturesque side, consider one of the many hotels in the area, such as the New Haven Hotel or the Old Haven Inn. These are great choices if you've researched where to go in Connecticut to stay somewhere trendy, but they're usually more practical if you're opting for a stay in Connecticut.

In Bridgeport, you may want to find your way to the Pez Visitor Center, and if you are in the area and have been there before, please tell us what other places to visit on a future visit. Here are a few places in Norwalk we missed on our trip, but looking for one that would be worth a look.

If you're in SoNo, don't miss the fantastic Maritime Aquarium, located right on the Norwalk River. Spend a good portion of the day exploring the region's maritime environment by viewing the exhibits or taking a cruise to Long Island Sound's marine study. This state park also offers overnight accommodations, so you can make a mini vacation out of it.

If you are in Bridgeport on a Thursday or Friday, look for this museum as a unique and fascinating place. Those who were unable to come will not be disappointed, as the Barnum Museum is closed on weekends. This museum is one of the best examples of New Haven in the United States and a great stopover on your trip to Connecticut.

Less than two miles away is an attraction that focuses on Norwalk's history and the surrounding area. This tiny place is hard to find, but it is one of the best attractions in the area and a great stopover.

Take a stroll through historic South Norwalk and see some of the beautiful murals and statues that have been erected around the city, harbor and beach. The best way to get from South Norwalk to New York is by Metro - North Railroad. Take a car from Bridgeport or the Port Jefferson ferry and take a day off. If the cruise to Nor is not satisfactory enough on foot and you want a more scenic trip to New York, you should take the car to Bridgeports or Port Jefferson's ferry.

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